Tom Mulcair’s public speaking is a puzzle


He said a CA could be very strong technically but if he lacks communication skills, he could be less confident. And humility is mistaken for lack of knowledge, he said. For a CA, merely possessing professional expertise is not enough. Expression is very important to us when we make presentations to our clients and when we meet tax officials, he said.

Stanton | Some council members say they’d like to see speaking times reduced for both council members and the public in order to make meetings more efficient. But a majority of council members voted Monday night against reducing public speaking times from three to two minutes, fearing that could send the wrong message to the community. “Democracy is about giving people an opportunity to speak,” said Council Member Stephen Kunselman, D-3rd Ward. The idea of reducing speaking times at meetings was floated recently by the Council Rules Committee. It was Council Member Jane Lumm’s counter proposal Monday night that forced a voice vote in favor of keeping the three-minute limit for public comments. “I certainly think there are instances when two minutes may be sufficient, but there are long distance relationship advice certain times when a speaker legitimately wants to make multiple points or in-depth arguments and no matter how concise they are, two minutes is not enough,” she said.

Federal authorities will extradite Sayfildin Tahir Sharif, a Canadian accused of conspiring to kill Americans in his native Iraq, to the United Stateswhere he will face trial. 3. Terror trial .Amanda Korody, one of the accused in a foiled terror plot in Victoria on Canada Day, remains without a lawyer because of complications in the legal-aid process. 4. Nuclear . The cost of refurbishing a New Brunswick nuclear power plant might reach $3.3 billion, a total thats hundreds of millions of dollars more than was originally budgeted. 5. Abortion .


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